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Fifteen Fifteen是位于加拿大温哥华市中心Coal Harbour的最新豪华开发项目。

Fifteen Fifteen是位于加拿大温哥华市中心Coal Harbour的最新豪华开发项目。 Fifteen Fifteen是一栋42层的高层建筑,拥有202套从单间到三间卧室的奢华住宅。 有关VIP通道、平面图、价格和更多细节,请联系Alex Mohzade – 温哥华的豪华房地产顾问和开发商的VIP房地产代理。 Fifteen Fifteen 是加拿大温哥华市中心煤港最新豪华开发项目的名称。 让我们对十五个 Bosa Properties 进行简短的问答: Q:十五的开发者是谁? Bosa Properties 和 Kingswood Properties 是十五的开发商。 Q:十五的设计师/建筑师是谁? 该项目由世界著名建筑师之一、屡获殊荣的 Büro Ole Scheeren 设计。 问:十五的地址在哪里? 1515 Alberni Street,Nicola 和 Alberni 街的拐角街区,也被命名为温哥华市中心的 1500 West Georgia 街,预计将建造 155 号。 问:十五一十五有多少层楼和单元? Fifteen Fifteen 是一座 42 层高的高层建筑,拥有 202 套豪华住宅,从工作室到三间卧室。 Q:十五的起价是多少? 《十五》的预期起拍价为 900,000 加元 问:十五的预计完成日期是什么时候? 《十五》预计完工时间为2027年。 问:现在有平面图吗? 平面图和……现在仅适用于 VIP 注册用户,因此请立即注册以获得…

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Fifteen Fifteen Vancouver’s Luxury Residences

Fifteen Fifteen Alberni, Designed by distinguished international architect ” Ole Schreen” is located in very special location in Downtown, Vancouver at intersection of West Georgia – Alberni & Nicola streets. Fifteen Fifteen is an amazing project that has been years in the making. The three dimensional 42-story tower in Coal Harbour, Downtown Vancouver the most exclusive and desirable neighbourhood. The…

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A new typology for vertical living reaches out to engage the space of the city.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Vancouver, consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities, has much to offer beyond a vibrant social environment, the “City of Glass” is known for its buildings of transparency and for its breathtaking surroundings of clear water and snow-covered mountains. But, like many cities today, its skyline is dominated by verticality – extrusions of generic towers that…

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